It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Decommission of I.T Assets

STEP 1 - Uninstall and Remove Equipment

Our professional technicians will safely and promptly uninstall your equipment and remove it from the premises; which will co-ordinated according to your upgrades and decommission projects. Our insured technicians have had several years of experience with central office, mobile base station and data centre removals – so rest assured, you are in safe hands!

STEP 2Evaluation and Re-marketing

The technological centres at Cyber Computer Recycling & Disposal PTY. LTD. allows you to get the maximum return for all your expendable IT assets. We’ve always maintained accurate pricing information for discontinued or hard-to-find replacement parts by keeping an eye on the secondary market value of your access stock and spares. We also do keep a track of the value of metal whilst getting you the most for your hardware. The assets that are collected from your facility are recorded by part number and/ or serial number. We file away this information in an email statement and send a copy of that statement to your team. Any assets that are deemed non-saleable, are shipped to a Government approved recycling facility; we’ll send you an email with a certificate of destruction. Our technicians deliver pre-owned equipment to reseller and technical service providers in Australia.

STEP 3Security Maintenance

Your privacy is of paramount concern for us here at Cyber Computer Recycling & Disposal PTY. LTD. Which is why we remove any identifying tags and labels from your IT assets. The data destruction process, for all magnetic and storage media, resets your devices to factory specifications. We will also arrange for the pickup and delivery of your decommissioned assets. We provide secure packaging materials and packing services if required. And lastly, we aid in the decommissioning process, if any of your assets are still installed throughout your datacentre.